The RIO Deal

Here are some suggestions

In Rio, if you haven´t already done this you have to….

All turisty places- Pão de Açucar, Corcovado, Lapa, Centro Histórico, etc…

Paragliding (Asa Delta) in Pedra da Gávea – go to the end of the beach in São Conrado where they land and they will take you up the mountain and do everything for you
Visit the Floresta da Tijuca

Go to Rio Scenarium for dinner / salgadinhos, pastel and caipirinhas as well as samba music to dance all night (it´s in the Lapa neighborhood)

Go to Porcão Rios – this location is the best because you get a view of the Pão de Açucar while you eat the best meat everrrrrr (they also make really good caipirinhas and pão de queijo)

Go to the natural reserve called: Prainha and the one called Grumari – this is all the way at the end, past Barra, past Recreio you keep going….you will get to these beaches where on one side there are trees and mountains and on the other, ocean.

For natural juices and healthy sandwiches – BB Lanches or Balada Mix…love the Mango juice!!

Great fish dishes and mostly italian style (my parents really like the food here): Trattoria Mediterranea – Av. Gen. San Martin, 1241 – Leblon (make reservations if you go Friday or Saturday)

Another I really like to go…Thai food: Nam Thai

More upscale and really great seafood: Satyricon

Upscale good food: Zuka
Upscale Japanese: Sushi Leblon

Relax casual and good: Gula Gula

Even more Relax in front of Copacabana Beach and really good food: Dom Camilo

Typical Bar to drink beer and eat portuguese “bolinhos de bacalhau” : Veloso and Bracarense

When visiting the City Center, break for tea or coffee at: Confeitaria Colombo…very traditional. Try the casadinhos de goiabada and the one made of doce de leite, they are really good.

To go out clubbing:
Londra (in Hotel Fasano)
Palaphitas (in Joquei Club)
Flutuante Bar (more alternative but cool) – Rua Aperana, 200

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