Bogotá like a Local


Zona G
Crepes and Waffles: best crepes and ice creams in the world at a great price
Canoa: sushi deliciosoooooo!!

Zona T
Balzac: upscale French
Central Cevichería: best Colombian food, ask for the pescado frito or the ceviche, reasonable price


Pravda: best martinis in the city, one should be enough to get the night started right….
Little Indian: best gin tonics in town


Monserrate: go during the day for the best views
Museo del Oro: very well taken care of and organized
Parque el Virrey: fancy for sunday afternoon promenades, see and be seen

Close to Bogotá:

Go to Andrés Carne de Res in CHÍA, must ask for the chicharrones, patacones con todo y lomo de res con un mandarino con vodka. Best to arrive around noon since it´s approximately 40 mins from Bogotá, stay for lunch and spend the rest of the day sipping some guaro.

Andino, Atlantis and Retiro – the three best shopping centers in town –  all in the same proximity and the area is safe to walk around


  1. Do not ask for a taxi randomly on the street. Go for UBER or ask for the hotel to request one.
  2. Do not take your cell phone out in public (in the street) to speak, text, whatever, not safe.
  3. When ordering the check they will ask if you want to add service, say yes and you will pay 10%, no need to leave any additional tips.
  4. Shopping is somewhat expensive so you might want to spend your cash shopping elsewhere, don´t plan on shopping for this trip…only if looking for Emeralds.
  5. Bogotá is 9000 feet above sea level. The nights are cold! Even though you are on the equator, you can wear a sweater or put on your business suit and never feel uncomfortable.

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