My Mykonos

Just came back from the incredible island of MYKONOS in Greece…wow…For those who have never been, get ready…there are things to do everyday, great atmosphere, amazing food and the people are super nice!!!  Will definitely need another week or two in order to really get to know the ins and outs…Already starting to plan…..

Here is theMOSTMUST:

Catamaran day sailing with Mykonos Catamaran
Super recommend Captain Michael and his beautiful catamaran. He took care very good care of my friends and I, took us to visit several parts of the islands, and had an incredible greek lunch prepared for us just before sundown so that we could finish and have dessert watching the sunset….it was really an incredible experience, plus I personally really enjoyed being on a catamaran and not a motor boat/yacht because you get to relax and feel the nature around you a lot more. Five star service the way I see it. Kudos to Captain Michael.

Psarou Beach
Nammos Restaurant & Bar: Other than having a paradisiac beach, enjoy the good life after 17:00 when the afternoon DJ parties begin

City Center 
Interni Restaurant & Bar: upscale inside terrace and very good food

Go Local at Kastro´s Restaurant Bar: terrace view overlooking the ocean, very relaxed and a diverse menu, offering plenty of greek choices. Try the greek sparkling rose wine…ask the waiter he will know which to recommend

New and upcoming – Ling Ling by Hakkasan just opened in Mykonos this summer of 2015. Very nice atmosphere but same old same old, posh japanese style, trademark of Hakkasan, so if you want to see and be seen, perfect. If you want to eat good asian food, perfect. If you want to see beautiful people, perfect. If you want to do it like the locals…don´t go. It does deserve a visit though…choose the right day and glam it up!

City Hotel
Poseidon Hotel: treated my friends and I incredibly well, plus fantastic location and great pool area

When I told my grandmother I was going to Greece the first thing she remembered was that she had in 1993 bought a very nice golden own pendant necklace…and asked me to buy her a new owl because her own had lost it´s eyes…not any kind of eyes, a gold owl that had the blue greek eyes that protect you against the evil eye…so as a good granddaughter….I went looking for this special owl all over Mykonos….and they were nowhere to be found until I went to: The Greek Light jewelry store. The thing is most tourists probably don´t go here even though it´s right on the marina because…exactly…….it´s right in the marina, and one would expect to be ripped off….however, I have to tell you, this was one of my favorite jewelry stores. It had more sophisticated and delicate pieces and it had my sought after golden owl…apparently no longer being produced due to lack of demand.

Nice pieces, fun and not too expensive: The corner Jewellery market.  The owner is Mr. Stathis Kontarinis, pricing is according to weight of the gold and the price is fair

Stay in a villa
Last but not least, we were extremely well taken care of by Paul from Fantasia Villas ( and the stay in the island could not have been more perfect.

Mykonossssssssssss…what a beautiful island!!


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