Boa de Lisboa


Take a walk in Belém, go to “Torre de Belém” and watch “Padrão dos Descobrimentos” where you can see in the floor all the places where the Portuguese went in their discoveries.
Go to “Mosteiro dos Jerónimos”, a beautiful monastery.
Go to “Pastel de Belém”: very old coffee shop where you can eat the famous “pastéis de belém”.

The multiple “miradouros” – the best ones are “Miradouro de são Pedro de Alcantara” (next to Bairro Alto) and “Miradouro da Graça” (near the castle)

You can have a drink and enjoy the view day and night

Mandatory turist site. Plus suggest you go see the “Periscópio”, where you have 360 view of the city.

A very nice way to go to the castle is by first going to “Campo de Ourique” and then taking the old tram (Electrico 28) that crosses the city

Walk around downtown, go to Praça do Comércio and drink a “ginginha em copo de chocolate”, walk up to Chiado and have an ice cream in “Santini” then go to “Brasileira” for a coffee.

Go here at night, have some drinks, walk around, go bar hoping and find some interesting people. I highly recommend the restaurant “Cabaças” (Rua das Gáveas 8): its a typical place with cheap but amazing food, have a “Naco na Pedra” please!!!

Find a placeto listen to some “Fado”. I would recommend “Clube do Fado”. I warn right now that it´s expensive, but it´s probably the best place. You can go only to listen and not necessarily have dinner, but either way make sure you book it in advance.

Taste the different wines of Portugal, especially the green wine and Port Wine!
Try “Alfaia Garrafeira” in Bairro Alto.

Also, in terms of food, there is the famous “Cozido à Portuguesa” which you can find in many places, my favorite are the “Painel de Alcantara” in Alcantara, “Entrecopos” on Sundays next to the bullfighting arena, as well as “Nortenho” in Sete-Rios (call and confirm they have this special dish prior to going there).



O Magano – at Campo de Ourique
Salsa e Coentros – at Alvalade
Ramiro – for seafood
Cafe de Sao Bento – for the best steak ever (expensive too)
Belcanto – which is one of the best and most expensive in Lisbon



In my opinion it is mandatory, and the first thing to visit should be Palácio da Pena.

Go to “Piriquita” in the center of the village to have a “Travesseiro”: great pastery that im sure you will enjoy.

Sintra, Cascais and Estoril are know for having accomodated the royal families of Europe in the WW2, when they were running way from the war, so you are able to find beautiful castles and gardens around here.

Visit the roman temple of Diana

Beautiful village inside an old castle (~1h driving)

Typical village by the coast

South of Lisbon, about 45 mins driving, small old fishermen village turned into vacation destination, it is a beautiful mountain to drive around with great views to the sea and cheap seafood.


Mar do inferno –  amazing fish with a beautiful view
And, of course, take a look at the beaches, especially near “Guincho”


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